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Melissa Gay Evans, M.Ed.

Instructional Media & eLearning Specialist


As a Learning Experience Designer, I employ UBD principles and work within the ADDIE framework to design and develop high-quality learning content for adult learners. My diverse work experience makes me a valuable team member and allows me to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients and service providers. Past clients include healthcare workers, educators, local business owners, and accrediting agencies.


Yes, I’m a nerd. I am excited and energized by instructional development. I have experience with LMS and CMS that includes Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. I also have experience with development languages such as PHP, javascript, and tools such as H5P, Articulate and Adobe Captivate.

Check out my Learning Design Sandbox to see what I’m working on.


My years of experience with graphic design have made me an excellent Instructional Media Specialist. The heart of my passion for learning experience design lies in instructional media production. I have experience with graphic design, digital layout, video and audio production, and web design. I approach every project with the ultimate goal of excellence, regardless of budget or timeframe.

eLearning Design

Short video demo of an eLearning project developed in Adobe Captivate

Instructional Video Production

Short tutorial video produced with Adobe Premiere

Instructional Media Design

User manual designed and developed in Adobe InDesign

Research Tool Design

Perspective map designed with Photoshop

Web Design

Template mock-up designed with Photoshop

Research Process Flowchart

Dissertation figure designed with Lucichart and Photoshop

Graphic Design

Logo for research group designed in Adobe Illustrator

Key Skills


Clearly, Melissa is one of the most talented, determined majors and alumni in the history of our communication program at Emmanuel College. She has set the standard for others to follow. She is professional, creative, ethical, committed, and solves problems. She also plays well with others.

Paula Dixon

Associate Professor, Emmanuel College

I have worked with Melissa on many different projects over the years and her work ethic is second to none. She is very detail-minded and always makes sure that the project is better than expected by the client. Melissa has a keen eye for detail and works very well with others.

Brandy Brown Walker, Ph.D.

Public Service Associate, J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development

Melissa possesses high-quality talents with regard to providing empirically-based research information on projects related to education, training and professional development. Melissa’s attention to detail has proved extremely valuable on every work task in which she participated. Indeed, Melissa exceeds in the area of message design and communication documents intended for distribution to diverse audiences.

Rob Branch, Ed.D.

Professor, Department of Career and Information Studies, University Of Georgia College of Education