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Melissa Gay Evans, M.Ed.

Instructional Media & eLearning Specialist

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Learn about me and my passion and enthusiasm for learning, teaching, and design on my Learning Design Portfolio website.

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See my passion and enthusiasm for learning, teaching, and design in action on my Learning Design Sandbox website.

My desire to empower employees to do their jobs with excellence began when I was working in New York City as the supervisor of a hospital lab. I designed a PowerPoint program to train my employees in laboratory safety procedures. That small taste of instructional design ultimately led to my career as a Learning Experience Designer.

At home, I am an avid gamer. I enjoy playing video games like Mass Effect, Tom Clancy’s Division, and Star Wars Battlefront on my Xbox One. My gamertag is ProlificGlyph68, look me up if your squad needs a sniper. I also love to tinker on my own website. I strive to keep the design fresh, accessible, and responsive. 

My specialties include Instructional Multimedia Development, E-Learning Design, Learning Experience Design, Instructional Design, Instructional Video Production, Web Design, and Graphic Design.